With the data migration tools from Gandyx the power is in your own hands
Easy to learn, easy to use, easy to adapt

Preconfigured SAP extraction logic

Preconfigured Transformation flows

Preconfigured Preload Validation checks

Preconfigured Postload Validation flows

With Gandyx, you’re in control!

  • Migrate data to or from an SAP system.
  • Supports a Greenfield or empty shell SAP S/4 migration
  • Avoid reliance on costly tools handled by a limited group of specialists.
  • Stay away from Excel sheets with version issues and formula errors
  • Avoid building your own data migration tooling
  • Kick-start your Merger / Acquisition / Divestment project by easily extracting the relevant slice of business data

Gandyx has been developed for a multi-project environment.

This means:

  • Multiple projects can use the tool in parallel
  • Sharing logic specific to your business, but extracting and mapping the data to the specific needs of each project.
  • Gandyx supports multiple load cycles into multiple test systems.

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